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  • Double Bill You for a Problem They DIDN’T Fix.
  • And Just REACT Instead of Being Proactive?

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    Why Choose Us?

    Switching IT Providers always feels like a risky endeavor.

    Do you “stick with the devil, you know?” or take a chance that they may be better (or worse)? So how do we answer, “What makes us different and worth the risk?”

    I’d say we understand you want optimal performance, minimal downtime, robust technology security, as well as a knowledgeable and helpful in-house helpdesk for your team. And, yes, while other companies may claim to understand this, what sets us apart is:

    1. 20+ years of experience serving medical/dental offices, CPAs, and other diverse businesses and their industry-specific software so that we can assume your support with a minimal to no learning curve.
    2. Successfully supporting 200+ businesses of various sizes across the US so we have knowledge and resources we can share with you.
    3. Unwavering dedication, as evidenced by our long-standing support relationships, some going back to when we started in 2003, so from the beginning, you know we are about building long-term relationships and not making quick money from you.

    Allowing us to join you guarantees a partnership built on trust and commitment to your success. We promise to prioritize your needs, provide honest advice tailored to your company's best interests, and help you succeed.

    Let us prove to you our value, just like we have for 200+ satisfied businesses. Experience REAL technology / team support by switching to Trinity Solutions. We ARE worth the risk of switching to. Believe it.

    Ron Pierce
    President, Trinity Solutions

    About Us

    Trinity Solutions’ mission is simple: to provide you with the highest level of service you expect from a reliable and experienced I.T. service provider. That’s exactly what we have delivered to our clients since 2003.

    We specialize in supporting business networks of Medical/Dental Offices, CPAs, Non-Profits, Manufacturing and others. We understand that businesses like yours don’t have the time or resources to research and implement technology solutions and support.

    We will be the professional partner you need to apply dependable, enterprise-level I.T. support to growing organizations in the Triad region and throughout NC as well as and any other locations where your company has a branch. You need experienced technicians and consultants to help you overcome your business challenges. You need Trinity Solutions.

    Call us TODAY to discuss how we can meet your technology needs and help you maximize your business’s productivity, efficiency, and revenue.