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Today, many companies rely on network solutions to store company information, internal documents, and other critical items. While your company’s server might be easy-to-use and accessible, does it also have sufficient security protection in place to protect against cyber threats and internal attacks?

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    Computer Network Security

    How Secure Is Your Computer Network?

    If you haven’t asked yourself this question in a while, it’s probably time you do.

    Did you know there are definitive steps you can take to protect your business computer network? Yes, you don’t have to lie in wait for the next cyber-attack, phishing scheme or hacking threat to take hold of your business computer system. Responsible business owners are investing in Network Security solutions NOW that will keep their businesses up and running.

    Don’t be a sitting duck! You’ve been working for years to build your business to where it is today. Why let all of that hard work go to waste with a single security breach?

    At Trinity Solutions, Inc., we can devise a multiple-layer defense system to protect your business computer network every day—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The integrity of our customers’ computer networks and their company data are always our top priority.

    How Network Security Works: Intrusion Detection & Prevention

    Computer network security uses both software and hardware technologies to manage both internal and external access to your systems. We can detect and target a large variety of threats and malicious persons or bots. And we can prevent them from accessing your system and spreading throughout your computer network.

    • Cyber-attacks
    • Hackers
    • Phishing schemes
    • Computer viruses
    • Malware
    • Spyware
    • Bots
    • Trojans
    • Ransomware threats
    • And more!

    Network Security focuses on who—and what—has access to your computer network and data files. So, authorized users can gain access, but those with malicious intents do not.

    Comprehensive Network Security Protects Your Reputation

    Have you read recent news stories about small and large companies whose data has been compromised? What happens after the breach? Some companies have chosen to cover up their data breach, or at least delay making the information public. However, the truth always comes out. In the end, their reputations are damaged. Customers lose faith that the company can keep their data safe.


    Businesses that suffer a data breach also often suffer a loss of brand reputation, customer loyalty, and customer trust.



    If you rely on your computer system to stay operational, a shutdown can provide an open door for your competitors to step in and steal your business. When that happens, it’s difficult to get that business back. These are real-time, real-world examples of businesses that did not take the effective steps to protect their company and their reputation. So, what’s a business to do?

    Network Security Is Business Insurance

    There seems to be a new cyberthreat on the horizon every week. Hackers are at work all day, every day to infiltrate computer systems, hijack data, and make easy money. And you should have a protection plan in place that works just as hard.

    Businesses that experience a data loss or hacking infiltration suffer an immediate financial loss. They have to shift gears from conducting day-to-day business to crisis mode: getting their data back, assuring customers and business partners, and then taking the steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. All of this equates to money lost, production lost, customers lost, and employees lost. Some businesses never bounce back from such an event. They just close their doors and cease operations.

    Don’t let your company be vulnerable to online threats! Trinity Solutions can detect and respond to network security threats with speed and accuracy—night and day.

    The Benefits of Network Security

    Our customers enjoy several benefits once the incorporate a Network Security plan as part of their business model. Here’s what you can expect.

    Peace of Mind, Reduced Stress

    Our business clients sleep well knowing that their business is protected 24/7. With Trinity Solutions, your network will be protected and your important company information with be safe from harm.

    Decreased Risk

    Every day that you delay instating a Network Security plan is another day that your business remains at risk. It’s like standing under a tree during a thunderstorm. Maybe you won’t get hit by lightning. Or maybe you will. But it’s never worth the risk.

    When our customers protect themselves with Network Security from Trinity Solutions, they know that we’re working hard to preserve their business reputation.

    Increased Productivity

    When your attention isn’t on all of the bad things that can happen, you and your employees can spend time focusing on job duties, working on your business successes, and planning for the future. Let us take care of all the worry about your business and network security.

    Industry Compliance

    Most companies have industry security compliance regulations that they must adhere to. You can trust that your network security plan with Trinity Solutions will comply with all of your industry regulations.

    • Banks
    • Financial institutions
    • Health care facilities
    • Offices
    • Other businesses

    Your Network Security Solutions

    With Trinity Solutions, you’ll have a variety of multi-level protections in place to prevent intrusions form malware, spyware, cyberattacks, and many other threats. We also keep our systems updated for the latest threats. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest threats. We will do it for you!

    Here is an overview of what we offer.

    Access Control

    We can help you control who has access to your system and what they have access to. That means we keep track of both users and devices.

    Antivirus and Antimalware Software

    While most viruses and malware try to inflict damage upon entry, some malicious programs can lie dormant for days or weeks until a full intrusion can take place. Our antivirus and antimalware software will detect immediate intrusions as well as other anomalies that may not be detected at first by other means. We’ll find and remove the threat, then fix any damage that may have occurred.

    Application Vulnerabilities

    Internal programming, software, and applications (apps) can sometimes have ‘holes,’ or weaknesses, that serve as an open door for intrusions. We can close these holes and significantly reduce your risk of intrusion.

    Data Loss Prevention

    We will protect and store your company data with multiple backups. Your data loss prevention plan can also block people from uploading, downloading, forwarding or printing critical information.

    Email Security

    Email is typically the top threat when it comes to protecting business computer networks. That can make employees your number one (unsuspecting and inadvertent) threat to your company. All it takes is a single click to create a company-wide crisis. With our email security application, attacks can be prevented from incoming and outgoing messages.


    Firewalls—either hardware or software or both—serve as an additional layer of protection from untrusted external networks, including the internet.

    Mobile Device Security

    Mobile devices have become an increased risk when it comes to company data and security. With most or all employees using mobile devices—and using those devices to access your network—you’ll need some controls in place here too. We can help you keep connections private and keep your data safe.

    Network Behavior

    Trinity Solutions uses tools to analyze your network behaviors. We will determine if any action that takes place outside of the norm is quickly detected and corrected.

    Web Security

    A web security solution from Trinity Solutions can help control your employees’ access to various internet sites. We can deny access to malicious websites and help you take steps to protect your own website.

    Wireless Security

    Wi-Fi networks serve as another avenue of intrusion to your computer network and your company data. We can add products to your Network Security plan that will keep your wireless network safe and protected.

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